Live Net TV: Download now the Latest Version of Live Net TV

Live Net TV provided us with one of the best experiences using a streaming live TV app. Surprisingly, most of the 800 channels worked for us, even the UK-quality channels.

Okay, the quality may not be excellent, but it is passable, and it’s also free!

This app has content from all around the globe, including a large selection of Movies from Asia. Our team was impressed by the addition of a VOD section. It was easy to click and play, and the streaming quality for English movies was terrific.

There were many titles available, which was an unusual feature. We discovered a stream that 12 Angry Men could use, which we had never seen before on any other app.

We were very pleased overall with Live Net TV. Even though the ads were annoying and pointless, the streams were reliable. We all agree that Live Net TV is a good streaming service that will provide live TV.

Quality & availability of content

This app has more channels than you can shake a Firestick at. Although it focuses on Asia, North America and Europe are also well represented. The quality of the content was impressive, and the availability of links for most of the times we chose to access them was a huge plus. Live Net is a rare TV app that provides decent links for sports content.

Although the new VOD section is still being developed, it contains confusing and unclear English movies. We believe these films have been compiled together. It’s worth checking out; you never know what you might discover!


The team at Live Net TV can’t fault it all. It’s a great app, which provides links to as many channels as possible. While we can all complain about the quality of pictures, these developers offer steady links for free. We think that this is a great deal.

Despite the odd mix of obscure and old titles in the VOD section (you won’t find anything from The Official Film Chart), the VOD section is an excellent addition to the Official Film Chart. It worked flawlessly. We chose a movie and hit play. The playback was almost instantaneous, and the quality was excellent.

Navigation & Use

This app was brilliant, we thought. It is easy to use, pleasing to the eyes, and offers chat support that we rarely see in free apps. It works. We asked a simple question about a film and received an answer in less than an hour. Although it isn’t super-quick, we were still impressed.

Although the channels are grouped by country, there isn’t an EPG or TV schedule. If you want to stream your next footy match live, you will need to research beforehand to find the right channel. It is a small price for the privilege of watching free football.

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Free LIVE TV & Movies & TV Shows

Live TV Streaming

The Live Net TV Apk is primarily focused on streaming live TV. The app has more than 2000 international live TV channels. It allows you to view live TV shows anywhere and anytime. You can also find new TV programs on other media and enjoy them.

External Player Support

Live Net TV supports several media players such as MX Player and XMTV Player. It allows you to go beyond the built-in video player. The app supports Chromecast for those who wish to stream to a larger screen. You can still watch multiple channels.

Channel Requesting

You can request your favorite channels from the app!

Television Shows

It is a TV streaming application, as mentioned previously. Every day, thousands of TV Shows are released. You can download and watch your favorite TV Shows, even if you cannot catch the live stream. Even if you miss the live stream, the app allows you to download and watch your favorite TV shows at a later date.


This feature is available as an additional feature in the live net tv app. This app allows you to watch many movies in various languages and genres, including English, Hindi, and Spanish. This app will enable you to download these movies without paying a single penny.

Daily Update

Daily updates are made to ensure that new channels and links are available.

Features of Live Net TV Apk

  • 800+ TV channels live
  • Reports are easy to channel
  • It is simple to use
  • Every day, new media and links are added.
  • Sign up is not required
  • No subscription
  • High-quality TV streaming streams are available
  • Multiple external video players supported
  • This service is completely free
  • There is no monthly fee
  • App is user-friendly
  • It works perfectly on many devices

How do I download and install?

  • First, enable the Unknown Sources option. Go to Settings->Security-> Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Download the apk now from this Download link
  • Next, locate the file and then install it on your Android device.
  • Start the app and make all necessary settings as requested by the screen.
  • If the installation is completed, you can enjoy live net tv for free.

Live TV on the Internet for Windows

Live Net TV for PC Windows The market’s newest streaming app allows clients to access TV channels and ensures the best stream-on-request content. It’s free to use and can be accessed via the internet. The client will have access to over 6000 TV channels with different dialects and classifications.

Many channels offer romance to action, thrillers, comedy, documentaries, comedy, and sports. Here are the channels you can choose from. This application will help you to pay attention with a flawless mind. It has the best UI, Navigation ease, and highlights.

You don’t need to have any experience or record of joining and login for accessing their live TV channels. However, you can request an additional track to be added if it is not already included in your application.

You will make unforgettable memories and enjoy the shows and channels with this app.

Watch over 2000 Indian and international stations, plus seven days of makeup to restore lost time Indian stations. You can also watch more than 2000 VOD films and TV shows from any location on the globe on any device. You only need an internet connection.

You can also view live streams from various games, including football streamings from Hotstar and SonyLiv. It is lightweight, reliable, and secure so that you can watch all your favorite VOD movies and TV shows from one place.

It is why the application is so popular among TV enthusiasts and youth.

Live Net TV Features

Live Net TV TV APK for PC is different from other applications. It is full of highlights that make it an ideal blend. You can use the Ola TV and Movie applications together. It allows you to get a charge from live TV stations and motion pictures. The motor is also able to bring video joins between the TV shows and the films.

Although you may have seen many applications that offer similar features and utility, the oreo apk is a remarkable way to get an exceptional involvement in high-quality substances. Below are the highlights.

Better route

Wide TV channels are available on oreo TV for Windows 7. It allows one to view one of the largest and most comprehensive libraries. This application has over 6000 channels.

You don’t need to face interruptive promos here. The ads are minimal and not troublesome.

High-quality streaming-The Oreo TV allows viewers and programs to access the content in HD.

HD watches have very little buffering, and stacking time is short.

On request

The applications do not impede, but one can have massive quantities of on-request movies and TV shows. All are free and without cost.

Download it easily

You can download any show or film and save it to your local drive so you can watch them later without having to go online.

Application size: Lightweight

It doesn’t take up much space, and it doesn’t consume a lot of resources. It can be used by any Android 4.4 or higher-powered gadget.

You can use the app without signing up.

This application is free and does not require registration, membership, or overviews to stream live TV stations, movies, or TV shows.

Use it for free

You can use and download the oreo TV for Windows 7 completely. There are no card tricks to be used for approach.

There are many types of television programs available, from narrative and TV shows to Live Tv. You can expect to make unforgettable memories while you are there.

Pros and cons


  • It is easy to find channels with a simple, intuitive interface
  • It is straightforward to set up and install.
  • Live Events is a game-changer because it makes it much easier to determine which match or game is on which channel and what day. They really could not make it easier from a simplicity standpoint.
  • Navigating to different genres can be as simple as swiping left and right.


  • It’s an advertising-supported product, so now and then you’ll need to watch an advertisement. Although it’s annoying, it’s not too bad overall.
  • There is no Electronic Program Guide (EPG), so although selecting a channel may seem easy, you don’t know what you will get.
  • It could go in the pros, depending on how you view it. However, having multiple streams to choose from instead of one that works all the time could be considered a disadvantage.


You need to protect yourself whenever you stream content online. A VPN is a great way to protect yourself from the information being sent to you by servers.

VPNs’ primary function when streaming content is creating a virtual tunnel and acting as a filter between you and the outside world. This tunnel encrypts and transmits the content you stream, making it invisible to prying eyes.

VPNs also allow you to appear as though you’re in another country. It doesn’t sound evident, but a VPN will enable you to connect to a VPN in a particular country.

It makes it seem as though you are accessing content from a country when you access it online. It works well when specific channels or programs are blocked in your region.


Live Net TV is an easy-to-use app that works. It is easy to access and browse programs all around the globe with just a click. The streams are crisp and high-quality.

Developers seem to be responsive to feedback and accept channel addition requests directly through the app.

Live Net TV is a great way to quickly access local content without paying exorbitant network or cable fees.

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